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Mighty Vitamin D3

Mighty Vitamin D3

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Purest Form of Sunshine

Vitamin D Enhanced by K2

☑ Bio-efficient Immune Protection

☑ Powerful joint health strengthening

☑ Maximum respiratory support

☑ Plant-Based Active Vitamin D3

☑ Promotes strong bones and teeth

☑ Helps combats COVID symptoms

☑ Reduce Risk Of Flu

☑ Fights Depression

☑ High Absorption Rate



Introducing the Mightiest Vitamin D Formula! Purest form of Vitamin D enhanced by K2.

Vitamin C is a common immune support option, but vitamin D is another essential nutrient for your immune system.

You may have heard of vitamin D deficiencies in the winter because of a lack of sunlight. Vitamin D deficiencies can prevent healthy hormone levels and a normal immune system, making you vulnerable to a host of viruses and infections.

Many factors can affect your ability to get sufficient amounts of vitamin D through the sun alone. These factors include:

  •     Being in an area with high pollution
  •     Using sunscreen
  •     Spending more time indoors
  •     Living in big cities where buildings block sunlight
  •     Having darker skin. (The higher the levels of melanin, the less vitamin D the skin can absorb.)

Reduce Risk of Infections

Onslaught of unavoidable viruses because the need to go out is real. Mighty Vitamin D with K2 is the market’s most bio-efficient immune protection. Up to 18x more according to independent studies.


Strengthen Your Joint and Bones

Enjoy doing more with your body without feeling aches in your joints and bones. Feel stronger more and more every day as you take Mighty Vitamin D daily.

Fights Depression

Vitamin D is known for its depression relief. Reduce your feelings of depression and anxiety that may be lowering your immune system. 

Organic, 100% Natural, No Fillers. Highly Absorbable Vitamin D

Mighty Vitamin D helps control the body's amount of calcium and phosphate. To keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy, it is essential. A lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities in children, such as rickets, bone pain caused in adults by a condition called osteomalacia, and even a range of arthritis that leads to joint pain. 

Vitamin D has seen increased interest in recent years, ranging from bone wellbeing to depression relief. An elevated risk of acute viral respiratory infections has also been associated with its deficiency. 

Vitamin D with K2 is better and more effective at balancing calcium in the body. K2 will boost any formulation that contains Vitamin D.


Higher IU levels do not mean better!

US Institute of Medicine recommendations indicate that an average daily intake of 1,500 IU is adequate for 97.5 percent of people, but a bit higher if you aren't being exposed to the sun frequently.

Mighty Nutra took into consideration the best IU dosage. Instead of unnecessarily amping up IU levels to increase prices, we choose to create a formula that carries the best effectiveness. It's not wasteful and it's so much better for you!


Feel the difference with Mighty Vitamin D!

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