How To Manage Your Subscriptions:


  1. Go to the account page on our website
  2. Login into your account
  3. Go to manage subscriptions
  4. Find your subscription order
  5. Go to subscription and select your subscription order
  6. Scroll down and click cancel subscription


Subscription Policy

You can take advantage of a special discount when you subscribe monthly to a Mighty Nutra product.

Your plan will renew automatically on the same day each month and be delivered according to your scheduled purchase option. Vitamin and supplement subscription orders are auto-shipped monthly.

There is no additional fee associated with the subscription, and there is no minimum purchase obligation.

By signing up for a subscription, you agree that we will charge you for each shipment, without further authorization from you, at our then-current product price. Your subscription will continue until you cancel it and you accept responsibility for all future charges until the subscription is canceled. We will notify you before each recurring charge. There is no minimum purchase obligation.

Your payment details will be stored securely and safely.

Customers are not able to skip or pause their subscriptions at this time. However, customers are welcome to cancel their subscriptions at any time.

You may manage your subscription by logging into your account

If, however, you cancel while an order is in the process (i.e., payment has been collected but you have not yet received your shipment), we will continue to process your order and your subscription will terminate automatically after the last order is shipped.