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Download April Monthly Meal Plan

Download April Monthly Meal Plan

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Download Your Monthly Recipe Here!

☑ Quick, Yummy Meals in Minutes

☑ 60+ New and Exciting Anti-Inflammatory Recipes Monthly

☑ Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Nightshade-Free

☑ No More Repetitive Meals

☑ Easy-to-Follow Beginner Friendly Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Recipes


We'll do all of the hard work of the Anti-Inflammatory diet for you!

Hundreds of people are going through the same thing you are right now.

I know this because I've been there! Believe me, I know it can be such a rough road, but I also know that you CAN do it!

I've used to struggle to stick to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet. I know tha it's practically impossible to research, prepare, and organize my meals because you simply don't have time!

Between work, chores, responsibilities, and so much other things that you have to juggle on the daily, where can you really carve out the time and mental load to carry your journey to better health?

The delicate balance of daily living interferes with must-have dinners, shopping store lists, and 'don't eat that' warnings./p>

Eating right goes out the window in between driving the kids to soccer practice, keeping up with house chores, and attempting to create meals that everyone in the family will eat.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners Club can help you regain your health and feel better. But how can you make this happen in the midst of a busy life—especially when a disease is robbing you of your precious energy?

The answer is: one step at a time.

With the help of proven strategies that will allow you to accomplish more with minimal work. That’s what this club is all about. When you practice the technique of meal prep to batch-cook your meals, you’re sure to have delicious, anti-inflammatory compliant meals ready at all times. That way, you can easily keep your diet on track and devote your energy to healing.

What I learned in studying anti-inflammatory meals, is that there are a lot of dissonance and conflicting theories or ideas. But as someone that actually suffers from pain because of inflammation, I can safely say that what I have is not only theoretical knowledge but a practical first-hand one that really helped me with pain and inflammation.

I've simplified and polished all the information and recipes in my book so it's easy to follow and is 100% effective.

And my goal is to share this knowledge to anyone who needs it!


No more repeats, no more bland food, no more expensive eat out!

Meal planning is asking the what’s for dinner question once for the whole week, instead of every night, and then shopping for and prepping the ingredients before cooking.

Planning ordinary everyday meals, even without considering your inflammation, is a stressful endeavor. With the intricacies and the sometimes convoluted recipes and meals for anti-inflammation, the task can seem too daunting and impossible. >

But researching recipes and trying to do work-arounds that may not work for you or your family takes hours and hours of effort. If only there were a place to get recipes that are won't trigger your inflammation.

Good news! The Anti-Inflammation Diet for Beginners is that perfect place.

With one look, you'll be able to find recipes that are easy, quick, and delicious. Only, sometimes, those get boring. The constant repetition of the same meals can make eating a chore and increase your likelihood to "cheat" the diet.

With our monthly recipes, you will never be bored. You'll never experience bland food, and it's all very cost-effective!


Save money on meals

Meal planning will save you at least $200 on groceries per month. PLUS, after you stop dining out and grabbing unhealthy snacks at work, you'll be able to spend your money on whatever it is you enjoy doing. You'll feel better, look better, and have enough of money left over for a night out if you learn how to follow the Anti-Inflammatory diet.


Look great and feel even better

Did you also know the Anti-Inflammatory diet also improve and balance your mood? Say goodbye to stress-filled days, mood swings you can’t shake, and stuck in a rut sadness because dozens of recently published clinical studies and research articles prove that following the meal plans in Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Club will leave you looking great and feeling even better!


Have more time on your hands

You'll be able to toss away (or just never buy) diet books and cookbooks. Enjoy spending less time worrying about eating and more time doing the things you enjoy.

You didn't have time for that group fitness class? Want to go for a walk with your dog without feeling rushed? Do you want to make a cap for your cousin's new baby? Simply join the Anti-Inflammatory Inner Recipe Club and you'll have more time for yourself!


End Your Chronic Inflammation Today

This Investment is 100% Guaranteed in Getting Your Life Pain-Free and Symptom-Free

The Anti-Inflammatory For Beginners Club Membership Includes:

Monthly Anti-Inflammatory Meal Recipes

  • 60+ Easy-to-Follow Recipes
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Super Delicious Meals in Minutes
  • Dairy-Free and Nightshade-Free!
  • Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Meals

Exclusive Perks & Discounts

  • Enjoy 10% OFF ALL Mighty Nutra Products
  • Free Shipping On All Mighty Nutra Products

If you act now, enjoy these digitally-editable and printable bonuses:

Daily Food Diary

  • Easily track your food consumption
  • Monitor your eating habits
  • Easy-fill out
  • Available for digital use or print-out

Weekly Meal Plan Chart

  • Create customized meal plans
  • Eliminate mental load for thinking of what to cook for meals
  • Reduce cost in groceries when buying unnecessary ingredients
  • Available for digital use or print-out

You get all the bonuses absolutely FREE only if you join the exclusive Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Beginners Club!


3 Month Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Beginners Club Membership Fee

Get your monthly recipes plus exclusive discounts and perks for less than a drink of expensive coffee a month. That's over a hundred recipes, for only 17¢ a day!

Our mission is to make the anti-inflammatory diet accessible so you can jump right into preparing nourishing meals that will support your health.

Health and wellness requires attention to the foods we eat and how we structure our lives, but it doesn’t need to be hard or leave us feeling deprived. And with this book at your fingertips, you’ll love getting into the kitchen, cooking nourishing anti-inflammatory meals, and savoring every bite!

Use the Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners Club as a powerful tool to help realize your health goals, no matter where you are on your anti-inflammatory journey. If you’re just beginning to implement this diet, the carefully prepared recipes in the following pages will smooth your way. And if the anti-inflammatory diet is already a part of your life, you’re sure to love the meal plans for the convenience (and great taste!) they offer.



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