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July 06, 2020

Why are people experiencing chronic diseases more now?

Many people don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients from diet alone. Compared to the diet that fueled human evolution, what we currently ingest daily has more than twice the amount of fat and a much higher ratio of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids. On top of that, we only consume a third of the required daily fiber intake while adding so much more sugar and sodium.

It’s no wonder that recently, humanity has been experiencing a major increase of chronic diseases. 

Benefits of Natural Nutrients

Every year, more and more studies show that living an all natural, all organic life is the key to long life devoid of sickness and ailments. It started when Dr Alexis Carrel, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1912, recognized that the efficiency of proving nutrition was what determined the aging of a cell of a tissue. Dr Albert Schweitzer in 1954 attributed the rise of degenerative diseases to processed foods. 

As more studies show the benefits of ingesting only natural and organic produce, more studies also reveal that ingesting processed food and synthetic nutrients are more harmful than they are beneficial. Some of the most influential doctors have turned to prescribing lifestyle changes and all natural supplements to patients.

Studies show that natural nutrients are nutritionally  superior to the pharmaceutically mass-produced drugs. The battle between the two ended long ago. Unlike their natural organic counterparts, synthetic nutrients have been reported to cause a number of health complications. Some of these are chronic diseases like diabetes and shown to exacerbate arthritis. Others include liver injury, kidney failure, among others. This caused thousands of doctors to rethink the prescription they give their patients as they now think about their health in the long run.

How doctors now look towards a future of natural nutrients

Dr Gerson was one such doctor. He even went as far as to create the Gerson Therapy, a therapy revolving around ingestion of natural food and organic medicine for cancer patients for treatment. Dr Weiss is another one of these doctors, moving his 25-year old medical practice from the bustling New York to Long Valley, to build an integrated wellness center.

Medical director of bariatric surgery in the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, Dr Garth Davis, has started going the all natural, all organic prescriptions for patients as alternative to synthetic medicine as well. After years of treating people for obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, he has determined that most of it is caused by what his patients are ingesting.

More and more doctors are looking towards this alternative as more studies show how unreliable and dangerous synthetic nutrients are to humans. One of the greatest benefits of natural nutrients that both patients and doctors can agree on is the peace of mind you get from knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body.

What about you? Will you be switching to natural, organic, and herbal treatments as well?