7 Ways All Natural Ingredients are Better than Generic Meds

7 Ways All Natural Ingredients are Better than Generic Meds


Everyone knows that All Natural Ingredients are always better than those generic treatments that pharmaceuticals spit out. But why is it that way? Some sources even suggest that synthetic nutrients may be dangerous.

1. More active ingredients = More effective: 

Synthetic nutrients are different from all-natural nutrients, which are made from concentrated, dehydrated whole foods.

The reason that big pharmaceuticals usually use synthetic nutrients is that it is cheaper to manufacture and easier to mass-produce  compared to natural nutrients.

Natural nutrients usually list food sources or are labeled as 100% plant or animal-based.

2. No Side Effects

Despite synthetic nutrients and natural nutrients having very similar structure, your body reacts differently to each of them. The production of the synthetic nutrients is way different than how plants and animals create them. In effect, it is unclear how our bodies absorb and use these unnatural nutrients.

3. Cleaner for your body

Evidence supports the idea that natural nutrients found in whole foods can prevent a wide range of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and premature death. Taking large amounts of synthetic nutrients can have harmful health effects. Some of these include kidney damage, liver failure, and exacerbating pre-existing chronic diseases.

4. Better for the environment

The energy it takes to produce synthetic nutrients takes about 210% more than what it takes to create plant-based ones.  Supporting companies like Mighty Nutra help conserve non-renewable sources of energy.

Aside from conservation of fossil fuels needed to manufacture these synthetic nutrients, natural nutrients are also helpful to soil conservation. When grains, legumes, herbs, and plants are used more efficiently, our precious topsoil is made more tough automatically.

5. Supports local farmers and local communities

Natural products, like ours, support local farmers and communities. Rather than importing or having large amounts of raw materials shipped from overseas, we source locally for better prices and availability, while supporting the local economy. This win-win scenario ensures amazing and fresh quality of produce and gives the locals a steady cash crop.

6. Natural nutrients work faster

Because non-synthetic vitamins contain nutrients derived from a natural source, your body is much more likely to react to the encapsulated nutrients the same way it would to the original form. Natural vitamins provide natural nutrients, which is what your body is designed for. For example, studies show that natural vitamin E is absorbed twice as efficiently as synthetic vitamin E.

7. Steeped in culture and heritage

Many, if not all, of the natural nutrients have been used for many years. Turmeric has been in Ayurvedic culture for centuries. Meanwhile, green tea has started in China but has traversed the world with its nourishing properties. Elderberry was first recognized in Europe as a fighter of flu symptoms and known for its immune support have found a global market.

All these natural ingredients date back to our roots as a collective and have come together time and again to provide us the nutrients safely and effectively.

No matter which side you look at it, getting natural nutrients is always a better option. And Mighty Nutra gets you those natural nutrients conveniently.

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